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A Perfect Baby Gift!

A Paulownia Dragon Tree

     Do you know anyone who has had a baby? In the Orient, the Paulownia is planted every time a child is born. When they get married, the tree is harvested for the wedding chest! What a unique and special gift. The gift that will live on forever!

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A Perfect Holiday Gift!

A Bamboo Water Fountain

     This classic Japanese fountain known as Shishi Odoshi or Deer Scarer is a mesmerizing water fountain that is in strong demand. The gentle rocking motion of the bamboo, combined with the sound of the bamboo striking its destination is delightfully tranquil to humans yet drives deer and other animals away. Some people liken the experience to a Zen garden.
     Our design is a one-piece unit. We offer two sizes, 12” and 20” in height. This fountain is easily installed without the need for tools. The deer chaser comes with an adjustable submersible pump, installation instructions, and design hints and tips.

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Order now!

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